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Sportfishing is suited to those who love the thrill of chasing the large and swift creatures of the ocean, in particular Mahi Mahi (Dolphin fish) and the mighty Kingfish.

Mahi Mahi especially renowned for the challenge in landing on a boat. They always offer an impressive visual spectacle.  We know the best techniques to help increase your chance of success should you wish to take on the Mahi Mahi.  We frequently target them around FADS (Fish Attracting Device) which are set up all along the coast line.

Kingfish:  The yellow tail Kingfish has earned itself the reputation of the thug of the sea, and they are still considered by many anglers as one of the strongest fish in the ocean pound for pound. They can grow to around 60kg in weight and reach a maximum length of around 2 meters, although a typical size kingie is around 3 to 6kg in most locations, with larger kingfish averaging between 15 – 25kg. They are a very popular fish to target amongst Sydney anglers and we understand why!

The prices for our sportfishing packages can be viewed here.