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Reef Fishing

Reef fishing is ideally suited for those who like to catch the many varied fish which feed on the reefs in Sydney (which are not far from the heads).

The attraction to reef fishing is that the reefs are teeming with fish of a great and colourful variety.  It is not uncommon for our customers to catch ten or more fish each on one of our charters.

The reefs are home to the snapper, flathead, perch, mackerel, Maori Wrasse, grey and jackass morwong, barracouda, flounder, Sergeant Baker, scorpion fish, leather jackets and many more.

Whilst reef fishing doesn’t have the same intensity as chasing a large marlin or tuna, it does provide a very relaxing setting with much higher chances of landing fish, and the catches can make for a great BBQ or family meal.  Make sure to bring your bucket if you go reef fishing - you will need it!  We can also help with gleaning, gutting and filleting any fish that you catch on the reefs.

Family-Friendly: In addition, reef fishing is the perfect choice for families with younger children. This is because it’s easier for the kids to catch fish on the reefs and get the most of the day.  Also, if the waves out at the reefs prove to be too much for the kids on any given day, it’s easy to return to the smoother waters of the harbour for a more quiet and calm experience for the kids.

The prices for our reef fishing packages can be viewed here.