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Custom Trips

As a unique feature of our business, we also organise day trips or weekend trips for the more adventurous who want to head further up or down the NSW to experience the best locations where the game fish and sportfish are on the move!  We organise trips to Port Stephens up the northern NSW coast, and to Jervis Bay on the south coast of NSW. 

These locations are frequently praised by the fishing community as being excellent fishing locations, and our experience tells us that the reputation is justified.

Jervis Bay

For a day trip, we’d leave Sydney in the early hours of the morning to arrive at our destination by 6:30am, and return to Sydney in the evening.  You would need your own car to drive up or down the coast (which is roughly a 3 hour trip).

For a weekend trip, we would recommend leaving Sydney either on Friday night or in the early hours of a Saturday morning.  We have good contacts with a number of hotels/motels/bed and breakfasts in Jervis Bay and Port Stephens which can offer you corporate discounts.  Alternatively, it’s easy to find accommodation from sites such as AirBnb to accommodate you for the weekend.

Port Stephens

The price for a day trip (to either Jervis Bay or Port Stephens) is $1,700 for a group of up to 5 customers, excluding accommodation.   The price for a weekend trip would be $2,500 for a group up to 5 customers, excluding accommodation.  For weekday trips, the cost would be around 75% of the above two prices (see the Prices page).

Contact us if this is of interest to you and when/where we would recommend we go depending on the time of the year.

Also keep a watch on our Facebook page where we will alert you of specific trips we are planning.